They are only going to know your music in other countries, if they know your music accounts and pages. 



  1. The Chatroom is back, where you can drop videos, links and login with social media or as guest and Chat!
  2. Use the forum make a topic, with biography name music links and where you live.
  3.  Use the form with mp3 upload for album Review or song review.
  4.  Use the guest book the same way as the forum, with your  biography and music links
  5.  At the end of each review you can comment and share the reviews, sharing is caring!
  6.  At the page music reviews there are two news headers to share news about your musicianship and the movement, such as gigs and tours or new releases. 


Below is a forum where you can make a topic with your info and music links, people can reply on each other and CHAT about your music or songs!

  • Below you can use the guest book, to write your music links and biography, this way people can click on it and find you easier. 
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